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For Opendium systems which are not integrated into a Windows network, it is useful to be able to bulk import users from a CSV file. This functionality can be accessed through the Import Users tab within Users & Groups.

You can generate CSV files using numerous pieces of third party software, such as a spreadsheet. The first line of the file should consist of column headings, and must contain at least the following columns:

  • User name
  • Full name

Any of these additional columns may optionally also be included:

  • Password
  • Groups
  • Delete

In each remaining row of the file, the User name, Full name and Password (if present) are expected to be plain text containing those data. Groups (if present) is a comma separated list of groups that the user should belong to, and a "1" in the Delete column will result in the user being deleted.

For Opendium systems which are integrated into a Windows network, the User Synchronisation system is a more appropriate way of importing users.